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Emblems is a continuing series of small works (none larger than 14”) that focuses on the natural world. Fish, cactus, and Torrey Pines are but a few of the subjects that have appeared in these works. I am drawn to them both by their beauty and by their fragility. It is this latter point that invokes the series title. Species of plants and animals are disappearing at an alarming rate, evidently with human activity at least partly to blame. Thus, I fear that these inhabitants of the natural world may disappear in my lifetime, receding into the mist of memory with only these emblems with which to remember them.

Emblem Seashore
Emblem Torrey Pines
Emblem Prickly Pear
Emblem Growth
Emblem Fish
Emblem Dessert
Emblem Aloe
Emblem Iceplant