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Mixed Media

Nature has always been the central focus of my work. I find myself drawn to its many parallels of form and texture, and its paradoxical strength and fragility. The former is a lens through which I draw together elements that appear in disparate environments – such as coral and cacti – as a means of making unexpected connections. Here, the artwork acts as common ground. One often finds that removing a plant or other aspect of nature from its usual context requires the viewer to consider it anew, thus many of my pieces are about the experience of reconsidering.

Paradoxes have a somewhat broader place in creating a framework for my project, although they too direct my eye to certain details. A tree’s roots breaking through a sidewalk or flowers emerging from cracked concrete – these are evidence of the persistence and power of nature in the face of man–made constraints. However; as I contemplate a place for my art I am compelled by nature’s fragility, particularly as habitat destruction and environmental disasters take a broader and irrevocable toll on the natural world. This has an impact on the subject matter I choose, such as my current work cataloging endangered birds, insects, and flowers. It also affects my use of media. A recent installation project consisted of 1,000 origami cranes made using junk mail that had been delivered to my home. The project is, among other things, a commentary on waste.

Living History
Winter Sunset
Flower and the Rail
Neural Net
Shadow in Orange
Desert Rain
Morning Cactus
Flowers and Vines
Smell of Indego