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Scene II: Pas de deux à travers le jardin de sculpture

This piece is intended to be part of a multi-movement theatrical work to be completed over the next few years. The starting point was in the design of the concert space and the materials which Stacie would use in creating her sculptures. The music interprets these materials while proposing a way for them to be ordered in time.

My usual practice is to investigate an interest. With this piece, however, I wanted to "play", to liberate my composing in much the same way I see happening in Stacie‘s art. In other words, I placed far looser constraints on myself than usual, and I used less refined materials – working with the rough angles and textures rather than reshaping them.

Ultimately this piece is about two types of wonder. The first is a response to the objects themselves, both their forms and their materials. The fact that each object has some modest (and often fragile) sonorous component is of particular interest. The second type of wonder is with the very nature of an artistic collaboration with one‘s spouse, where the prospects are challenging and exciting and the results are often surprising. To this end it is appropriate we created this project for János and Päivikki, whose own playful attitude was a vital stimulus. We thank them for the opportunity to work together.-Adam Greene

watch an excerpt of the performance.