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Endangered Birds

For this series on endangered birds I have been drawing the images on paper I make from the junk mail delivered to my home. I think of this series as representing a hopeful, possible future, since many of these birds have a chance of surviving.

Lilac Amazon
Attwaters Chicken
California Least Tern
Rufous Scrub-bird
Australian Bittern
Swift Parrot
Tuxtla Quail-dove
Long-billed Black Cockatoo
Golden Cheeked Warbler
Guadalupe Murrelet
Helmeted Honeyeater
Sierra Madre Sparrow
Black-eared Minder
Merriam Montezuma Quail
Sierra Madre Sparrow
Masked Bobwhite
Azure Rumped Tanger
Forty-spotted Pardalote
Clapper Rail
Spectacled Eider
Fig Parrot
Piping Plover
Lyason Duck
Spotted Owl
Whooping Crane
Crested Caracara
Tricolored Black Bird
Loggerhead Shrike
Rapa Fruit Dove
Noisy Scrub-bird
Bechman Wearbler
Mauritius Kestrel
Indiana Bustard
White-bellied Heron
Northern Bobwhite
Black Rail Cranes Pintail