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Stacie Birky Greene



Originally from Colorado, Stacie Birky Greene received degrees in Art and Art History from the University of Kentucky. She also studied in Florence, Italy, and at the Art Institute of Chicago. Although painting was the focus of her training, she has explored her art in a wide variety of media, including drawing, performance, photography, installation and video.

The central focus of Birky Greene’s work has been to explore nature through a combination of materials and techniques. Her approach has often been guided by a fascination with form and shape, particularly as nodes for connecting unlikely allies, such as coral and cacti. By taking organic materials (or at least their representation) out of context, she compels the viewer to revel in patterns of structural unity. Her recent work has also considered the impact of human consumption and climate change on the natural world. Appalled by mass deforestation and habitat destruction, she has turned her attention to bird species that have gone extinct since the time of her own birth. The tangible results of this study will be revealed over the course of the next few years, in a variety of projects. One feature of these works that is important to consider is her choice of materials: namely, junk mail, which she either uses “as is” or manipulates, with the addition of other detritus, into homemade paper. It is a project that implicates us all in its struggle: here are beautiful objects made, nevertheless, from unwanted materials. Moreover, the materials themselves are the products of overconsumption of resources – fossil fuels burned in production and transportation, and deforestation to provide wood pulp for paper. The problem of avian ecology and the pressures these birds face is multidimensional, but the viewer is placed in the unlikely position of assessing and admiring the victim even as its emblem is formed from components that have been implicated in its destruction.

Birky Greene lives in San Diego, and she exhibits her artwork locally and internationally. She has taught art to children and adults since 1998.

Article Published in Peripheral ARTeries Art Review
Feb. 2015

UT San Diego Article:
Stacie Birky Greene: Balboa Park as Terra Incognita
Jan. 30, 2012


Invitational Group Show: “Feminism Now,” Grafiska Sallskapet, Stockholm, Sweden, May
Curated Show: ”Mind the Gap,” Southwestern College Art Gallery, Chula Vista, CA,
March-April Prudence Horne; Curator
Invitational Group Show: “Invisible Borders,” City College, San Diego, CA March-April
Invitational Group Show: “Feminism Now,” Shoebox Projects, Los Angeles, CA, Feb.-March

Solo Show: Fractured Memories, Poway Center for the Performing Arts, April
Curated Show: Five Facets Presents: “Flora, Fauna and Form”, Bonita Museum and Cultural Center, July-August; Susan Osborn; Curator
Curated Show: Endangered: Exploring California's Changing Ecosystems, September
Danielle Deery; Curator

Juried by Anthony Graham, Assistant Curator at the MCA San Diego;
  2016 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA/BAJA BIENNIAL, San Diego Art Institute, Dec-Jan. 2017
Invitational Group Show: Night Stand: Bedside Re-imagined by FIG, Women’s Museum of California, Nov.
Invitational Group Show: Feminism Now, Gallery D, San Diego, CA May-June

Solo Show: "Archive", Point Loma Library, San Diego, CA September-October

Invitational Group Show: "Beyond Landscape", Encinitas Community Center Gallery, Encinitas, CA
Invitational Group Show: "Fence/Barda", Art Produce, San Diego, CA September-October
invitational Group Show: "100X100 Artists for Healing", Hyde Gallery, El Cajon, CA

“15 Minutes” of Fame: San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego, Ca
Invitational Group Show: "Gift", Mesa College Art Gallery, San Diego, CA
Solo Show: "Origins", Next Door Gallery, San Diego, CA

Invitational Group Show: C Contemporary Studio, El Cajon
Two Artist Show: Artifact Studio, San Diego
Invitational Group Show:"Women and Their Landscapes", Garage Gallery, San Diego

Invitational Group Show: "Vacancy II", San Diego
Invitational Group Show: "Mail Art Show", Escondido Municipal Gallery, Escondido

Solo Show: "Black & White", Woods, San Diego
Installation Solo: "Junk Mail Takes Flight", Art Produce Gallery, San Diego
Invitational Group: "Abstracted at Artifact", Artifact Studio, San Diego
Solo Show: "Insects & Flowers", 3060 Gallery, San Diego
Juried Group: Museum of the Living Artist, San Diego

Solo show: "Roots, Vines & Veins", Joseph Gazzuolo Fine Arts Gallery, Brooklyn Park, MN
Solo show: "Née", 3060 Gallery, San Diego
Juried Group (June and July): Museum of the Living Artist, San Diego

Invitational: GATES Project, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco
Invitational: GATES Project, A.R.C Gallery, Chicago, IL
Group show: WoodFX Gallery, San Diego Solo show: 3060 Gallery, San Diego
Installation Solo I: 365, The Garage Gallery, San Diego
Group show: Museum of the Living Artist, San Diego
Solo Show: Studio Z, St. Paul, MN

International Exhibition: Museum of the Living Artist, San Diego
Group show: Museum of the Living Artist, San Diego

Solo show: "On Nature", Café Solatto, Eastlake, CA
Group show: Museum of the Living Artist, San Diego
Invitational: Avenida Culture of Peace Galleria, Vienna, Austria

Solo Show: On Nature, IAE Gallery, San Diego

Three Artist Show: Bug, Gallery Now, Lemon Grove

Two Artist Show: Blue, San Diego Center for the Moving Arts


"Upon Return: Honoring Veterans from Past and Current Wars", Installation with community participation, Plaza Bonita, Bonita, CA

“Knowledge Tree”, Mosaic Mural, San Miguel Elementary, Lemon Grove, CA
“Seuss”, Monterey Heights Elementary, Lemon Grove, CA

“Mascot”, mural, Vista La Mesa Academy, La Mesa, CA
“Pathway to Success”, mural Vista La Mesa Academy, La Mesa, CA

“Healthy Choices”, mural, San Miguel Elementary, Lemon Grove, CA
“Life Choices”, mural, San Miguel Elementary, Lemon Grove, CA
“Cultural Diversity”, mural, Monterey Heights Elementary, Lemon Grove, CA
“Cultural History”, mural, Monarch High School, San Diego, CA
“Border Life”, mural, Monarch High School, San Diego, CA

“Multi Cultural Textiles”, mural, Mount Vernon Elementary, Lemon Grove, CA 2008 “Change Makers”, mural, Golden Ave Elementary, Lemon Grove, CA “Peaceful Change”, mural, Monterey Heights Elementary, Lemon Grove, CA 2007 “Science”, mural, Mount Vernon Elementary, Lemon Grove, CA

“Letting Go,” Mixed Media work for the GATES Project, by the IGiveUp foundation

Banner for the Gaslamp Quarter's Artist Showcase
“Resonant sculptures” for Pas de Deux a Travers le Jardin de Sculpture music by Adam Greene. Commissioned by János Négyesy, Performed in 2001, 2004.

Assisted Muralist Cady Macasa on Art Miles Mural of Peace for 9/11

“Colors of Community”, mural, Grant Elementary School, San Diego, CA

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Young Audiences of San Diego 2006-Present; Teaching Artist of the Year 2009
Member (Artist Representative), Board of Directors, 2011-2014
Artist in Residence, Thirteen Murals working with K-5th in San Diego County school students.

Art Specialist, Camp Jaycee 2002-2014 Planning, development and execution of 40 classes per session, focusing on portraiture, landscapes, printmaking, watercolors, pastels, clay sculpture, and theatrical set design. These classes serve over 400 children, K-8th grade.

Artist in Residence, Institute for Arts Education 2001-2004
Teaching Artist

Artist in Residence, Art Tours, Inc. 1997-2000
Teaching Artist

B.A. in Art Studio and B.A. in Art History, University of Kentucky, 1995
Semester Abroad in Florence, Italy, Art History and Drawing, 1995
Summer Course in Graphic Design, The Art Institute of Chicago, 1990
Full Scholarship